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Money Market & Savings

Make your money work better for you. 

There are a variety of ways in which you can expand your wealth while keeping your funds highly liquid. With savings programs that range from Money Market Accounts to Health Savings Accounts, we can help you identify which option most precisely meets your personal financial goals. Meet with one of our knowledgeable associates to discuss the full range of available opportunities.

Personal Platinum Money Market

  • Minimum opening balance of $100.00. 
  • $1,500.00 minimum daily balance required 
  • $14.95 monthly cycle service charge if minimum daily balance not maintained 

    Tiers: $0.01-$9,999.99
    $250,000 and over
  • $5.00 per withdrawal/transfer after six 

  • Interest compounded daily and paid monthly 

Savings Account

  • Minimum opening balance $100.00 
  • $100.00 minimum daily balance required 
  • $2.95 monthly maintenance charge if minimum daily balance not maintained 
  • Six withdrawals/transfers allowed per month 
  • $5.00 per withdrawal/transfer after six 

Individual Retirement Accounts

We'll help you plan and save for your retirement with an investment option that suits your unique requirements: 

  • Traditional IRA 
  • Roth IRA 
  • Sep IRA 
  • Simple IRA 
  • Certificates or Deposit

Certificates of Deposit

We offer a variety of terms and options for Certificate of Deposit savings. Please contact a Personal Banker for current rates.


CDARS is the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy full FDIC insurance on investments larger than $250,000. Ask us for details.